Water-saving toilet hack

Toilets use fresh water, and lots of it.  Sure, you can buy a low-flow model, but you're still flushing with a (smaller) quantity of fresh, otherwise drinkable water.

Gregorylavoie decided to get double use out of that water by hacking his toilet.  It's a neat, reversible modification: after you flush, you use the clean, incoming tank refill water for handwashing.  Your slightly soapy hand-wash runoff fills the tank, and is saved for the next flush. 

It's a simple, ingenious way to save water with little to no effort.

What do you think?  Would you try this mod on your toilet?

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elements chemically speaking has to be one molecule.

however water has been referenced in literature/art/ history as an elements (eg earth/wind/fire/water).

washing you hands while standing over a toilet can't be too clean. the soap will have an abnormal amount of bacteria on the toilet. Better to probably have a liquid soap or attempt to have the hand washing a little bit away from the toilet (although that logistically speaking is much more work, time and money).

Mel6325 years ago
this other one says water is not an element it is comprised of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen,
Mel6325 years ago
Mel6325 years ago
Mel6325 years ago
i put in the search line after i put is water a chemical, it said it is then i put is water an element and it said it is but it is also a chemical, everything is a chemical even air, chemists have told me how they can make water from oxygen and hydrogen and they can make all sorts of things using chemistry,
Mel6325 years ago
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water someone said water is not a chemical it is an element, but on wikipedia it says water is a chemical.
Lets pee on the sidewalk and save a BUNCH of water.
Nah, use the sink and clean a plate at the same time.

Thank you for all the input here and before i start my own version with Trespa and copper was wondering if others had attempted this and any improvements made please ?
Thank you all for the input here, just working on the same project using reclaimed Trespa and copper and would like to know if there are any other makers, or further improvements made that i could utilise ?
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