Watermelons and electricity

AHA Gotcha

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According to this transcription :

Hi guys again
it's punkguyta
have an other question
about my amps
see gamee the world bubu aye took the cover off as you can see here
but when i scleener aswooder anoo this starts get right
you can see roll in here but it still turn red back to zoo dot in the back of school form
under this one inner this is a DSP regular wilst turn red
and TS pitch on the read
I hope I didn't anything good
does anyone has any ideas ?

I think I understood about less than 50% of your message ... :-/
Did you say that you cleaned your amp with water ? or am I still misinterpretring i scleener aswoorder ? =o)
OK, I'm not a native speaker of english too, so here is my best shot:

Hi guys again
It's punkguyta
I have another question
About my amps
See I think I made it a little booboo, I took the cover off as you can see here
But when I was cleaning it with water, I notice it start to get red
You cant really see it on here, it start to turn red
Like those little dots on the back of cell phones
I'm just wondering..it says DSP right here, where it turns red
And DSP chip is right underneath it
I hope I didn't do anything
Does anyone have any ideas?

I think that's probably 98% right (I hope).
A glass of aswoorder anyone? ;P
Punkguyta (author)  gyromild10 years ago
Why the hell does everyone find it nessesary to write transcripts for me! If that's what I wanted I would have said "I need some transcripting done"
. The transcripts are not for you. They are for the ppl that have a problem understanding your accent. And your enunciation is not the best I've seen - I had trouble understanding some parts. . Why complain about it when they are trying to help? Ignore it, if you don't like it.
Punkguyta (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
It's my mac's mic and probably the shitload of background noise that made it hard, trust me I can talk just fine.
Oh is that an "accent" LOL

That's pretty close to my transcription ! ;-D

Reminds me this :

chooseausername: What's easier to understand, the "pure" speaking woman, or the accent?
The Steve Martin's "french" accent sounds not like a real "french" accent would. So, it's easier for me to understand the "pure" speaking of the woman =o)
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