Way Of Detecting Humans?

Is there ~~an easy way~~ a best way of detecting humans in the dark, or in a forest? Me and my friends play airsoft, usually in a forest, and it's hard to know where the enemy (other friends) are. I'm a sniper and I want an easy way to detect them. One way would be a thermo-camera, but those are expensive. Is there a better way?

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mlinguist5 years ago
Yeah. Wild planet makes a toy night vision camera for $40. It's actually a viable night vision camera that sees near-visible infrared light. You would be able to see them, but they wouldn't be able to see you. I'm planning on taking mine apart and working them into either some kind of helmet or a pair of goggles. They also have a switch to go between visible light and infrared. You could use them in any scenarios involving dark buildings, or caves, or anything similar. The only issue is that you can only see as far as your IRLEDs shine, but they make some super bright you could get at radio shack that would peobably allow you to see pretty far.
I want to say this came from one of the Evil Genius series of books, but I can't remember for sure.  There was a way to make a very basic thermal viewer that wouldn't break the bank, but it was extremely low refresh rate - something like 10 frames per MINUTE.

Looked workable, though, and pretty easy to build.
tic tac man7 years ago
you could scatter some ir led's (hooked up to power suplies) on the ground, use an ir camera and if something blocks the light from an led SHOOT! 
KaydenST7 years ago
Maybe something similar to RADAR or SONAR...
Kaiouss8 years ago
"One way would be a thermo-camera, but those are expensive." Why don't you make a new post and see if anyone has ideas for a cheap thermal camera (preferably compact, in your case)? It's highly unlikely that an individual can make it for cheaper than a manufacturer, but there are plenty of 'ibles where that is not the case. Always worth a shot.
guyfrom7up (author)  Kaiouss8 years ago
most people just make IR cameras, not thermal. Thermal ones are reallllly expensive because the main component is difficult to manufactuerer flawlessly, plus there's not a huge demand for them
Also, just an idea, but what if you had a camera with a coupled audio output what would emit a whine that is beyond the human range of hearing, but that could be detected by the "camera" and used to construct the night scene. A high pitch wouldn't be good for long distances, but might be better for detail (as in echolocation). I've seen prototype software on the newscientist youtube channel, so it would definitely require a lot of software engineering skillz, but there are lots of people who like a challenge.
 Because camera sensors cannot see "noise" ??
Yes. Audio input. Many cameras have it.
 Lol... but that would only record onto the recording medium (tape/disk/memory stick) the audio that's inputed. The camera still would not be able to differentiate where different sounds were coming from.
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