Ways to recycle shredded paper?

When I was packing a few parcels for my family I used some of the shredded paper from my "office" to fill some empty space in the boxes. I wondered what uses are there for shredded paper besides filling. What are your ideas?

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Get enough of it and you can fill a floor cushion or bean bag-esque chair. :D

I did that at my old job once, when we shredded all the applications over a year old.
this is good to know :)


If you do a lot of shipping (my wife is an eBay-er), you can use it as packing material, if you have enough of it
Toga_Dan8 months ago

worm composting.

athello11 months ago

You can use paper shreds to make seed pots! http://www.monomachines.com/shop/diy-ideas#seedpot

It's super simple and it serves a purpose (and eco-friendly at that).

dsandds20034 years ago
You can either re-make paper out of it or use it in the garden as mulch.
CrLz4 years ago
I've used as litter box material for rabbits and birds. Used to have love birds that endlessly amused themselves building nests from long strips.

Composting is also a good end. I've experimented with purely scattering on to lawn to build up soil, never had any conclusive results.

Also experimented using as mulch/weed barrier in flower beds and gardens. Shredded craft paper (brown shopping bags) looks great initially but bleaches out. Shredded cardboard keeps color better but texture looks a bit wrong. Thought it would be a good filler to mix with traditional bark mulch. As for weed prevention, a very thick layer works well, but is hard to have enough sheddings to do. What is nice is you can just rototill into soil at seasons end.
blkhawk (author)  CrLz4 years ago
How long does paper take to decompose when you use it as mulch?
CrLz blkhawk4 years ago
Several seasons as a flower-bed top dressing, if kept moist enough not to blow away. In fact- too long, since I didn't like the look. This is why I thought it could be a good base under a dressing of bark mulch.

As garden mulch, I would till into soil at end of season. Pretty much decomposed/mixed in by next planting.
blkhawk (author)  CrLz4 years ago
Thank you! That is good to know.
Jayefuu4 years ago
Insulating? As long as it stays dry it's good at that. Newspaper is often shredded/powdered and used as cavity insulation.
blkhawk (author)  Jayefuu4 years ago
Do you have any idea if it is possible to fireproof shredded paper?
Turn it into ashes! Will not burn anymore.
Jayefuu blkhawk4 years ago
Yes! Immerse it in water :p
blkhawk (author)  Jayefuu4 years ago
I guess I opened myself to that! :)
Jayefuu blkhawk4 years ago
Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Apparently (from a super quick google), they treat it with boric acid to make it fire retardent.

Kiteman4 years ago
Hairy costume?
Papier mache?
Animal bedding?
Recycle into more paper?
Bird-nesting material?