We cannot live without oil

We need oil from plastics to your car. If anyone begs to differ then please reply.

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Kiteman7 years ago
Clarification: the technophilic nations cannot maintain the status quo without oil.

As TUA says, at some point humanity will pass the point at which the oil runs out.

Life will change.

Life will not be as easy as it currently is for the the technophiles.

But Life will go on.

.  Oh-bla-dee, oh-bla-dah.

Oil is a finite resources, time is infinite, ergo,at some point, we must live without oil.
knektek (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
Ya. But without the luxuries of plastic.
So,you are conceding your point already?   Indeed you've gone from saying we can't live without oil, to calling derivative products, luxuries.  Confusing,
.  Select no more than three of the following:
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2) Troll
3) Clueless

lemonie7 years ago
What did you want from this topic?
I believe there's a lot of oil floating around in the Gulf of Mexico?