We have another winner (a bit to early) but who cares!

Whoo, you win and stuff. You get 5 stars. Great job on the dragonuv. I'm sending your check in the mail right now. (I don't know what your address is, so it might go to the wrong person. (Lol, no there is no check). Whoo, five stars for you.

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The Jamalam9 years ago
you spell this "check" cheque, get it right!!!
he's american. we americans spell things differently, SO GET USED TO IT!!!!
yes, but even americans spell it cheque.
ummmmmmm, not as far as i know. maybe some people who came from england do. trust me. i entered the spelling bee in third grade(we dont have 'em now), and guess what? i was told to spell check. the sentence was: "i wrote my electricity company a check. i spelled it C-H-E-C-K, and got it right!!!!
btw, if you live in england, HOW THE **** DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT THE AMERICAN WAY!!!
Grrr, you're all immigrants really... Lol.
shut up
I hope you realise that was a joke... and true.
Oblivitus9 years ago
Who won?
PineapplebobTheGreat (author)  Oblivitus9 years ago
No, a lot of people win. There's a new winner every week (that is if there are enough guns.)
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