We must keep the Allsteps preference!

The title says it all, Allsteps should be a benefit when we register, Now we are going being treated like dirt by the system! We are being removed of all the basic features! What do you think about this happening? Do you think it is fair? do you think it Should be done? And do you think madness will occur when it takes effect?

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sharlston8 years ago
maybe contact eric about this and complain and do a protest
ReCreate (author)  sharlston8 years ago
Eric is aware of your wishes.
did you tell him?
Not personally, but I know that he knows that some people want AllSteps to be a non-pro feature. However, there are a great many more people who are more concerned about secondary images and PDFs, so they are probably getting more of his attention, thought-wise.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
This secondary images thing - what exactly is it? L
i dont know i just want the allsteps and the pdf keeping
Get your parents to pay for it? It's not harmful, it's educational, social networking etc. - there are worse things you could be doing with the internet... L
project "get mum to pay" has just started
Heh heh... L
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