We need a "Like" button

  I think Instructables is missing a "Like" button.  There are many Instructables I see that I would want to "Like".  I know there is a favorite button, but I only use that to "Tag" the Instructable, so if there is something I wanna learn I can easily go back. 

  Not everyone wants to favorite a post, due to the fact they might use it for the same purpose I do.  But if we had a like button at least the creator might get more of a response on how many people actually "Liked" the Instructable.

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Southpaw693 years ago

Actually, the ability for a positive & negative opinion of an 'ible would be helpful.

If at a glance users can see that a particular i'ble has 400 positives, and 3 negatives, that's a pretty good indicator that the post is of good quality.

Conversely, if there are 500 negs & 2 positives, we'll see it's garbage that isn't worth looking at.

Not everyone needs to make a comment. It's time consuming, and nobody wants to spend several minutes reading the comments just to find out the post is of low quality or value. It also clogs up the comments with tons of "nice" or "awesome" posts that add nothing of real value. The amount of time spent on creating the 'ible is irrelevant. What if we don't want to spend several minutes reading it only to find that in the end, it was a waste of time. If it simply doesn't work, or is of terrible quality, we'd like to know up front. Our time has value too.

Kiteman4 years ago
This is not Facebook, neither is it YouTube.

If you like a project, it's far more meaningful to take a few seconds to actually say so than it is to just click a button and move on. After all, you are expressing an opinion on something that may have taken months of the author's life to achieve, not just a witty comment on a Lolcat picture.

The preference for comments over Like buttons is one of the things that makes Instructables much more of a genuine community than other sites that measure the value of a posting in the number of interactions ("Like" clicks) it generates, rather than in the quality of those interactions.

Personally, I'd take one typed compliment over dozens of Like clicks. In fact, although I use YouTube to include videos in some of my projects, I never go to my channel to check the likes and dislikes.

I agree with you, 1 comment is worth a lot more that any number of likes. If only when people leave a page a little pop up reminder could remind people that if they liked the project to leave a comment before moving on.....I know this would inconvenience most of us.....maybe there's another way?
Maybe put a "comment" button at the top of the project as well as the bottom?
That could work...maybe next to the favourite button?
I like that idea. You should put a new post in the feedback forum, not just on this topic.
Good idea! Done and dusted here: https://www.instructables.com/community/A-comments-button-next-to-the-collection-button/
Haha! For a second there I had the impulse to "like" your comment. Ugh.

I agree, it is way more meaningful to the author if you comment on their work. I am disappointed, most of my Instructables have a handful of views (over 1000), but very few comments. I don't understand.

I love getting feedback on my work. Suggestions, compliments, stuff that's bad, whatever. It lets me know that those viewing my work are alive, not just aimlessly clicking around on the site.
gmoon4 years ago
Wait--after all those iterations and algorithms, all ratings have been dropped here? (with the exceptions of favorites and featured)

OK then. Not that I cared much for them. But guess who hasn't been paying attention...

(FYI, I can still view old numerical ratings on my personal instructables list page...)
Kiteman gmoon4 years ago
Eric's words on the matter: LINK.
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