We need a video director! (paid)

We our a young South Australian firm producing instructional manuals for new products. We would like to add videos to our product offering. We can afford to pay $25 - $40 per hr for a skilled one man production team. Reply to this post with a sample of your work to be considered.

tages19 years ago
Hello I'm Russell Garofalo.

I shoot, good camera, good mics, edit, add sound fx, and mix sound, and compress for the web. The one stop shop you're looking for. I'd like to hear more about what you're specifically after.

Here are links to some of my work:

My reel, everything here I wrote, directed, edited, and acted in:

I've been contracted to work for Good Magazine's video dept the last 6 months:
I did the sound design for these videos, but the music was bought:

Videos at Good Magazine that I worked as asst. editor:

Documentary things:

I shot and edited both of the above. I have since gained access to a better camera and upgraded my microphones. I have been working as a freelance editor for the last 2 years.

have a good day.