We need diferent types of semi autos!!

hey guys while i was working on my new semiauto that me and kinetic were building i was wondering if any of you had any other ideas for a semiauto. i feel like we need more designs and concepts. i am willing to build upon your idea and recognize you. right now all we have is Kinetics KLS. V2, me and kinetics Kinno-1,and sharir's new semi auto. we need more than that. so please post your ideas here so othr people know whata your thinking. anything helps. seriously. 

thank you

oodalumps5 years ago
innovanna (author)  oodalumps5 years ago
Really? U don't think so?
Mepain5 years ago
innovanna (author)  Mepain5 years ago
Haha forgot all about those. Thanks man. I also just mean ideas.