Weather alert: Hurricane ike is gonna strike!

Cheesy titles aside, this is serious buisness! i live in houston, and the hurricane is heading strait for us. i'm a little scared, of course, and the roads are all clogged. My mom has been looking around for gas stations with gas left... it's a pretty big deal. houston is 45 miles from the water, and the hurricane has been moving around towards us, and gaining speed, all overnite. i'm praying to god it doesn't strike. the mayor has had press conferences, cancled work and school... we may have to evacuate! i'm hoping this won't be another katrina... any thoughts?

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Just a few tips from someone who has been through a few, inc 17ish days without power.. GET OUT if they call an evac! But if you can't Do NOT run a generator in the house or garage even with the doors and windows open (people die here everytime because they do this) Fill the bathtub with water right before the storm (yeah you don't want to drink it, but it may be the only available clean water) Plain bleach eight drops per gallon of clear water, wait 30 minutes before drinking, kills the nasties. You still have time, fill some containers 9/10ths full of water, squeeze out the air and stick them in the freezer, this will buy you more time before the food starts to spoil if you lose power. My freezer is still stuffed with frozen milkjugs and will be until the end of the season. Don't bother taping the windows, it does nothing. This will sound silly, do all your dishes and laundry now, when you get to day 17 without power you'll appreciate having a clean pair of skivvies. Go buy some led flashlights and batteries, candles are not only dangerous, they shed more heat than light and without power it is going to be stickier and hotter than you ever believed possible. I reiterate, if they tell you to go, GO. Stay safe.
yeah, thanks, but i'll just evac if i have to... we already went shopping.
Bran9 years ago
Best of wishes to you, your family, and all affected. Keep us updated if possible.
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Like I said, Colorado, barely ever gets any crap from hurricanes..