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this may be the stupidests fourm ever, but i need to know what comics are out there.

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I second El Goonish Shive. The art and writing is a little rough in the start, but it gets better fast, especially with the first "sister" arc. The characterization alone is phenomenal. I do not recommend it if you are drawn away from heavy homosexual and gender bender themes, though it IS a high-school comic after all.

Sorry, gotta get this out of my system: JUSAN FOREVER, even in light of the orientation conflicts.
zieak9 years ago
I love www.redmeat.com if you're a transformers fan (old or new) this is cute: www.lilformers.com
Mr.Roboto (author)  zieak9 years ago
Red meat, lil scary. lil formers, cool.
Mr.Roboto (author) 9 years ago
has anyone read this comic it is both cool and has cats. :), also i am not a furry.
ll.139 years ago
Half-Life(2) comic: http://www.hlcomic.com/index.php?date=2005-05-01
JustPub-ET comic: http://users.kymp.net/feuer/etcomic/

they're probably the only two I look for. :)
westfw9 years ago
A lot of web comics read a lot better going through the archives than they do waiting for a few panels of story each week. :-( I just have a hard time waiting for plot to unroll.

That said, I thought El Goonish Shive was really "sweet", and Angels and Aliens is drawn by a friend of the family. I also have in my list Nukees (The Atomic Comic Strip), The Wotch, and Cheer (which is a Wotch spin-off) (Sigh. This leaves me overburdened with gender-bending strips, cause they end up recomending each other...)

And I don't believe no one has mentioned The Daily Static yet.
canida9 years ago
I like a lot of the ones already listed, but should add Schlock Mercenary.
I only read Questionable Content... but I haven't read it in a few months. I need to catch up. Other popular ones: Exploding Dog Penny Arcade ... I am having a blanking problem today. :P
do you mean here in the forums, it seems to blink and blank out occasionally ? I am seeing a lot of that too.
Well, that and I just cannot get my mind to work properly for me. :P
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