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Well I've been asked to do several sites recently while making my own. First come first serve (IMHO) and that would be my cadets squadron, the CO (commanding officer) gave me two weeks to make a site and i was wondering if anyone had any good design suggestions, at the minute the site has to be fully functional but content is not needed and I can't prototype to you for legal reasons either. My mums boss heard about my ability to churn out web pages fast (I did my entire I.T. project site overnight) so she wants me to design a web page for Voluntary Arts Ireland about projects we've done, and I'm already caught because I've payrolled since i did photogrphy work for them at ten quid an hour. This one hasn't even started yet and I was wondering if anyone had any nice ideas or thoughts for it. Oh and my own site will be fired up soon with a page of projects etc linked into instructables, giving me a chance to add more traffic to the site and hopefully drag in more instructableers...

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zachninme10 years ago
Hmm... I do a bit with the web, but I'm a backend guy :P I suck at colors, so everything I make either looks like puke, or its just shades of grey :P However, depending on the target audience, I'd love if someone would try this SVG/ECMAscript framework I've been working on... but I wouldn't suggest it at the moment :P Anyway, I hope those overnight pages are good quality: I can't stand when people ignore standards...
killerjackalope (author)  zachninme10 years ago
Almost forgot, I'd like to see your framewor, though I've alsway taken functional simplicity more seriously than fancy tricks and functions, but I can see the usefulness there... If you get it to a point where you want a test, I would happily setup a couple of tester pages and they'd be provate to those with the link so noone would know if it failed lol Most of my site have been based around old fashioned tabling systems, because it guarantees smooth, quick running on almost any system today, the main colour schemes are html/css to lower loading times but individual who make an 800 x 4598 pixel black bg image always impressed me, missing the tile functions and the page background colour... Hmm I'll get the test pages up tonight/tomorrow morning, my styling is really hit or miss, if i get it right it beautiful if not it is worse than the vomited up pot noodle on your doorstep on a friday night.
Gahh! Tables!!! Use Div's!!!
(For an example, look at this page's layout. I think it uses div's great, without overdoing it)

Heh... I test the framework... since its client-side, I don't even need to run a webserver. (I do have 2 on my computer , only local; on my server I have another one)
SVG's are scalable vector graphics -- basically the framework uses ECMAscript (generic name for J[ava]Script) to achieve [X]HTML-esque features. There's great bonuses from using SVG, but the whole system's hermatia is huge -- IE doesn't support SVG's naitively.
There is a plugin by Adobe, and another by some other company, however, so IE isn't completely stranded.
Either way... these sites are *incredibly* similar to Flash sites, but there's quite a few perks, including being standards-compliant!

Argh! I'm rambling... I could go on forever on this...
killerjackalope (author)  zachninme10 years ago
I know these thing exist but half the time I've found that the end user screws them up in about five minutes, next time I might make a siimple editor program for changing CSS etc and not allow them full access to the site code, I spent about two hours completely recoding an applet for a guy and it took him under two minutes to destroy completely...
I think you misuderstood me...
killerjackalope (author)  zachninme10 years ago
I think I got a bit lost there and replied to wrong person, I wouldn't do anywhere near as much backend work but can do some when I absolutely must... Also flash sites suck muffler! they're prety and all but don't meet standards for use of the blind, they load slowly and most of the visuals can be done with a bit of clever coding...
PAH! Flash+XML+ load images from folders FTW!
What are you talking about? That has... absolutely nothing to do with this... SVG's aren't being used here like JPEG's, their XML qualities are letting them be used like HTML pages... And BTW: Why use XML to load things from folders.... if they're in folders ;-P You don't really need a config file :P
I know, I was renouncing your ways of web building for my own preferred method :P They're just the methods I use, I don't use them all at once :P
This isn't my primary method of web building. Heck, I don't even do frontends! :P This is just some novelty technology that I've been fooling around with...
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