Weird and wacky electric sounds (theremin, vocoder etc.)

anyone know of any really cool sounds you can make with electronics?

I'm thinking of making both a Theremin ( and a Vocoder (, the first of which seems like a relatively simple circuit, the second seems much harder.

there are a few wiring diagrams on the 'net for a theremin, there's links on the wikipedia page (check and you can also buy kits at some electronics shops.

vocoder seems like it must be a load harder, and I haven't been able to find any wiring diagrams, and as far as I know, there aren't any kits available. there's a demo of what it does at

just wondering if anyone has experience with either of these weird and wonderful devices, either using them or making them, or if anyone has any other strange sound makers that should be brought to public attention?

hrrmm... wonder how hard it would be to turn that old evolution MK-149 into one of these ?

lemonie10 years ago
VIRON10 years ago
A theremin is like a metal detector but so sensitive it can
detect you too, therefore it's not easy to make a stable one,
but the kits are OK.

A vocoder is very complex.
Think of it as if it were possible to make the lights on an
equalizer control the levers, and your voice controls the
lights, and the levers control the sound you want to make talk. You need a bunch of unusual voltage controlled filters.

For DIY synth ideas try here (and other sites):
bryanbrews10 years ago
I made a Theremin from Harrison Instruments. I had it up and working in a little over an hour. I highly recommend their kit: