Weird or Exotic Pets.

Do you own weird or exotic pets or do you know anyone with weird or exotic pets? I knew a guy who lived not too far away from me with four Siberian tigers, pretty cool but he ended up having to send them to cat tales, but anyway... Why am I asking, I just wonder if other people have cool pets like that.

The tiger in the pictures name is Delilah, she was 8 when the picture was taken.

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hi guys,
i have a pet goliath insect and a pet siny leaf inset!
their actually pretty cool.
my spiny has just started laying eggs wih is great.
any1 else got any insets apart from mantids?
lemonie6 years ago

There was a tiger near me (before I was even born...)


Slayerfan666 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Very cool.
My old friend bought a penguin but had to give it away because the climate wasnt good enough for it
Slayerfan666 (author)  patriots88886 years ago
cool, I want a penguin.
he got it for 25 bucks
Slayerfan666 (author)  patriots88886 years ago
Ivanmkc7 years ago
Siberian tigers? There are no tigers in Siberia, they live in Primorye, it's the Far East, Russia.
Read about it. Apparently there were tigers in Siberia, before the Russians drove them to extinction over most of their range.
Are you sure? They never lived in Siberia, they dwell in the Far East, and this territory does not belong to Siberia. In Russian this breed is called "Amur tiger" or "Ussuri tiger", the Amur and the Ussuri are the large rivers which flow in that area. I say it bbecause I live there...
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