Welcome to the writers support group! Would anyone like to start off by posting some of their work?

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Goodhart4 years ago
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." No of COURSE that isn't mine LOL Just looking for some life in here.....
wow, so great to find some other writers!
i love writing so much but can't seem to get enough written!
I have problems with characters, keeping everything straight, and the dreaded Wright block that can't even be called that......so ya.

So it starts out really good, ( i am a fictional writer by the way) and some ware through the dial log or second page it ends up smelling a lot like a pitcher plant.( they smell like rotten flesh).

It could start.

The knight Brian rode his trusty steed across the plain. Charging to what some would call his doom, and what others would say his fate. Yes sir Brain in all his glory was charging into the mouth of hell its self. This war was so vast and so horrid that those that thrived on such horror, turned and wept.

And it ends up some war like this.

Brain smiled " well i do think we should get going now friar tucker." tucker was his horse and right now since he had no one to talk too. THe only one listening as he whent. Brain laughed " well tucker i am loosing my mind, lets go see that little hut on the other side of this muck." they got there rather quickly. The maid came out and sighed " who are you and what do you want i don't trust easy."
" mam i am sir brain and this my steed tucker, were lost."
She smiled " all right you may stay until you find your barrings, come into my humble home."

See the problem in that....oh and this is just something a came up with to show you, trust me when it actually does happen its rather beyond lame.

The begining doesn't match up with ware i end, and dude i don't know whats wrong with the dialog all i know, is wow bie polar much?
edwarben8 years ago
Whoa! I just started a similar group the day after yours. My group is Instructable Writers. Its going to be aimed at beginners or is your group for regular writing?
Lithium Rain (author)  edwarben8 years ago
Just regular writing.
KentsOkay8 years ago
Here's some of mine (yah i know errors abound in it)
Lithium Rain (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
It's good...I don't like ghost stories, but well written.
Psst... It's not a ghost story!
Lithium Rain (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Really? Those weren't ghosts? I like 100 times more then! :) A few small things, if I may: 1 At one point your character's internal dialogue goes like this: "Don't start thinking like that." and then you say, "he mused". I would suggest a different word, he isn't really musing there. 2 From what I understand, his parents were just killed...unless he deals with it later, he seems very hardhearted-his only thought on the matter is whether he will have to live with his aunts, whom he dosen't like. Or is he just detached, in shock? Other than that, it's brilliant! I really did enjoy it. Is there any more to it?
He's in detached shock. I've got tons more written, but not yet in other-people readable form. As it will be some, if ever, that you read more, I'll let you in on the plot. Ryan wakes up in a comfy bed, and sees the pretty lady. Pretty lady is an Elvish princess, sorceress, an warrior. She was guarding a crossing point between parallel universes/worlds/dimensions etc... The basic idea is that some parallel worlds are easier to "slip" into than others, and some species can control the openings. The big black thing was a "wraith" (haven't got an Elvish word for it yet), a parasite species from another dimension that can "posses" things demon-style, creating vampires werewolves and other nasties. They lack a corporeal form in this dimension (thus the black cloud). Some Elves (such as our princess Skaythuca here), are amongst those who have some control, however limited, over the distortions that allow numerous "magical" abilities. The dimension that Ryan slip into, for good later to be explained when i write it reason, is much easier to get into than say for instance, our dimension. Scaythuca was see-through because she was projecting herself into the other dimension that the Wraith originated from to destroy it (with a sword made from a dimension crossing metal that can absorb, store, and release "magical" energy). Anyways Scay's world is under attack from Wraiths, and Vampires curently rule most of the lands of men. You can guess where the story leads...
Lithium Rain (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
That's what I figured, but wanted to be sure. Thanks for letting me in on the plot...that's a very interesting one. :)
I read that! You posted it a while back. I liked it.
Labot20018 years ago
One sunny morning
On October thirty-first,
I woke up parched
And was dying of thirst.

I grabbed an apple juice
As I headed for the door.
I gulped it down
And was dying for more.

I ran inside
To grab another glass,
When I slipped on a toy
And busted my ---!
Lithium Rain (author)  Labot20018 years ago
LOL! Very nice! Thank you for omitting the obscenity! I think you have a real talent for writing limericks. Would you like to see a small sample of my writing by pm?
Thanks! And sure, send it if you'd like!
Lithium Rain (author)  Labot20018 years ago
Okay. Sending.
I read it. It's pretty good. I'l critique it more in-depth tomorrow; right now I'm sleepy.
Lithium Rain (author)  Labot20018 years ago
Thanks! :)