Welcome All Ninjas!

Welcome all ninjas! These tools can ONLY be used by ninjas.

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nfk117 years ago
i have a lot of weapons.
KentsOkay8 years ago
I grow tired of ninja wannabes...
Seconded. Well, I am kindof a Ninja wannabe, but at least I never called myself a ninja and I know proper ninja history, tools, and weapons.
I know what you meen
oh and i have an 8 pointed shurikan i bought from a gun and knife show
Cool. I have a Senban and a Nagare Manji Ryu Shuriken.
LOL, do you even know what they are?
I know what a senban and a shuriken are but not a nagare manji ryu shuriken.
Are you sure what you know is a Senban and not Naruto needles (Senbon)? They are two completely different things. Nagare Manji Shuriken: A type of square Bo Shuriken.
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