Welcome To The Instructables Group, 'Fun with Fire'

Hello, and welcome to the 'Fun with Fire' instructables group, this group focuses on...fire. A warning to all the stupid idiots out there that think they are invincible, fire is dangerous and should not be taken lightly, by joining this group you assume all responsibility for your actions. Q&A, Q) What can/cant I post? A) Anything that has to do with fire is allowed, that means all those people that think its funny to spam and post things that have nothing to do with fire aren't allowed. Q) what kind of projects do you mean? A) Anything that has to do with fire, such as, fireworks, fire breathing,fire making, etc., etc. Q) Why is it called, Fun with Fire? A) It is called Fun with Fire because I believe this should be a fun group, not an uptight, tell no secrets group. Q) Is there such thing as 'To Dangerous'? A) No there is not, you can post any thing from how to make sparks, to how to make napalm, provided that you adhere to the Instructables Terms Of Service and add a safety warning/disclaimer. So without further adieu, Have fun, Don't burn yourself, and Be safe. P.S., If you made it this far thanks for sticking with it and reading this extreamely long-winded post, In The House Of Ill Repute

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for sure i'm joining......................deeply interested in explosive technology
OMG you stole my name.... im joining
 This group was made in December 13, 2006.
You joined in July 26, 2007.

I think you stole his name... 
when did you get your name?
LoneWolf7 years ago

Wow, you must have been out of breath after typing up this topic :)

Thanks for the welcoming.

silverstorm8 years ago
Heh heh >:) BOOM!!!!!!

yeah, I'm joining.
killa6969 years ago
hehehe my kind of group BURN BURN BURN