Welcome to Instructables HQ

Welcome to 82 Second St, the home of Instructables Inc. Here are just a few pictures of our new lab!
If you're curious about what you're seeing, learn more from the titles on the flickr stream.

Picture of Welcome to Instructables HQ
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sunshiine6 years ago
It is the signs on the bathroom door.
That was SPAM ;-)
I guess I didn't catch that. Thanks!
The embedded links are symptomatic. I saw it because the same person had posted to a dozen or so topics within an hour, all with essentially the same text and the same two links.
I fell for it. How can one un-subscribe? I tried to do that and ?????
From your You page, look in the left sidebar for the Following link. Next to each username there will be a little red X, which you can use to remove them.
Thanks! I could not find the link you referred to until it dawned on me I was looking at subscribers and not following. I guess I get a handicap for age?
No more than my own :-/ Most of us older types don't like the silly sucking up to Failbook and Twit.
And, I might add, a hidden-yet-significant portion of the younger types. ;) At some point the imitation and pandering just gets ridiculous.
Hmmm, but...but....I have a facebook account
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