Welcome to Pens ands Inks

Welcome to the group. I hope you are up for the challenge of making your own pens ands inks. I hope to distribute some sort of prize at some point for outstanding pens ands inks. Please feel free to say hi and share your thoughts anytime. Drew

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Give me a while to figure out my monster ballpoint idea... I wanna write big not just with a big pen... then i'll draw out some ideas for some thing more interesting with it.
MoHDI (author)  killerjackalope10 years ago
:) The challenge will be going all of 2008! I love the idea of a monster ballpoint! I would love to see it.
Well I got one step closer this morning, I'm working on another project and I had hacksaw blades but no saw, the item was small and hella tough so I accidentally taught myself how to lathe object with little more than a power drill, thankfull the chuck should accomodate my needs fo this project, only problm is, I need alot of ink...