Welcome to Weapons, Guns, and Explosvies

Welcome to Weapons, Guns, and Explosives (WGE) I'm pretty lianian on what goes on here I don't really care as long as its about guns, explosives, or any kind of weapon. I hope you enjoy your stay at WGE and thank you for joining.

Nicholai6 years ago
hey, thought I should join this group because i have a love for guns and explosives of all kinds (unless they suck) and like to come up with new ideas for outrageous and incredible weapons and weapon plat forms, and I get random and often crazy ideas for guns and bombs.
CyrusII9 years ago
nothing just wanted to see how close i was, in from California kinda far from canada
6Rea6per6 (author)  CyrusII9 years ago
northern Ohio
Cervantes9 years ago
Howdy, I just contributed a DIY in sparkler bombs yesterday and it's still not searchable. How long till I get critics hounding my hackneyed tutorial and awfully short video?