Welcome to the 'Guns and weaponry' Instructbales group

Hello and welcome to the 'Guns and Weaponry' instructables group, this group focuses on improvised weaponry.
i must warn you that some things posted here may be potentially lethal, so do not join this group if you are going to bitch about it.
However, most things on here will be relativly harmless, and will not injure anyone too badly.


Q:What can/cant i post in this group?
A:Any TUTORIAL on how to build a firearm / improvised weapon.
Not pointless things nothing to do with the group, such as 'how to post pictures on your instructables acount' they do not fit in here, perhaps another group.

Q:What kind of guns do you mean?
A: Firearms, airsoft guns, pellet guns, spud guns, cannons.
a gun that propels something out of the barrel. Not tatoo guns ect.

Q:What does 'improvised' weaponry mean?
A: IMPROVISED weaponry is something edited or made to do the same job as a weapon. ECT. sharpened stones to a knife-like sahpe for cutting > Improvised knife.

Ok, rant over. :)
Kids, dont kill yourself doing any of this please.

Enjoy people.

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Aron3135 years ago
Check out my instructables tho!
Aron3135 years ago
This doesnt look like a group. It looks like a forum topic.
Tommorow i'm going to post a instructable on how to make a shotgun from plumping pipes.
Loveofchaos10 years ago
ok tomorrow im going to try to make a taser using a disposable camera flash unit to charge 2 200v 680uf capacitors from a computer power supply. should i put these in a series or a parallel? please if you know please private messege me on what to do. please dont messege me unless u actually know what yerr talking about. see yall later.
Guns and Weaponry! Hell Yea!!!
instructa-fan10 years ago
how do I put my instructable on guns and weaponry?
fullheadofedd10 years ago
hello everyone, i recenty found this site on the web and its about the only one i like now! i viewed almost everything and started with the spud gun, it is awsome and i recommend eveyone to try it!!
Edgar11 years ago
Here's THE link for you;
...And the author's being persecuted by the GB LawMongers, so if you can make some insrtuctables out of the free download Luty offers, I guess you'll be vindicating him some!
expedient firearms
Hello, there, nice instructable, I used to use paper cones on those, of course in those days, they were blowpipes, good'ol days, cough cough...