Welcome to the IGBBWM

Brethren of the Brotherhood! Hear my call! Go forth and REEK HAVOC!!!

(but pweese don't get anyone hurt, then it's not as fun)

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It's "wreak" havoc...

Good grief, you'd think I joined the Grammar Police!
FAIL It should be 'It's "wreak" havoc…' so, i guess you don't need to worry about joining the grammar police?
Kaiven gmjhowe8 years ago
HAHAHA! You are wrong! You only use a single quote in a double quote! Ex: 'It's 'wreak' havoc…"
gmjhowe Kaiven8 years ago
No, i am not wrong, the quotes she used are perfectly acceptable, my point was in relation to the three periods. Also, do not go digging up old topics, its annoying, and a waste of our time.
KentsOkay (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
Heyehy, share the love, gets me more members in mah group :D
Sure, I'll join the group now. Do you think it's fine posting model guns? such as my shotty (other guns are linked below video)?
KentsOkay (author)  Kaiven8 years ago
OK then, will do :D
?! I...didn't...fail...I did it exactly as you just said...although you forgot to capitalize the s in "so" and also used a lowercase "i" to refer to yourself. So, maybe I should say... FAIL.
Ok you got me on the 'i', but the s was a continuation of the sentence, with the quote being on a separate line. Either way, you still failed with the original post.
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