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Currently the Pro Members forum only has one category. What are the sorts of things you'd like to talk about here? Pro Features you'd like us to develop? The inside scoop on Randy's next secret project? Let us know, and we'll create a handful of categories to keep it organized. Thanks for going pro!

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katerlyn7 years ago
my feature request is a tunnel to outside where cats can relieve themselves, movable......then you fill with lime and move the location much like an outhouse. For the winter I'm bringing my cats in, and i'm not looking forward to using old fashioned clumping litter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am almost done with instructables entry on inside wire shelving above door cage/shelving cat walks throughout house and out to garage and outside. I got dollar store kitchen scrubbers and inserted catnip instead of soap...as pictured. This cat was always rubbing against the wire shelving. I'd like to find the old fashioned brush Christmas trees (darn I knew I shouldn't have given mine away!) to attach to the cat walk and also around the edges of the cat entry areas. Thanks to everyone for their inspirations. I LOVE this site.
Does anyone have advice on what rights to put on my photos instructable?
Just choose the rights that fit your needs - most people usually just go with the default setting.
Vyger katerlyn6 years ago
I have a number of cats and kitty litter is an issue, not just the nuisance but also the cost. I discovered by accident something that I am experimenting with. One of my litter boxes is in the same place that my saws are in and I have been making a lot of sawdust lately. You can see why here. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Hardwood-Floor-that-looks-3D-from-your-OWN-/
Anyway the box got a lot of sawdust added to it and I found that it helps with the clumping litter. It coats anything that is moist and forms a sawdust layer on the clumps. The clumps then don't stick to anything, not even the box bottom and are much easier to remove. I have since added sawdust to the box in the house and have not noticed any problems but some benefits. I was concerned that some of the sawdust might get wet and stay behind in the litter and smell but so far that hasn't happened. If you have a friend that has some spare sawdust you might give it a try. Oh, and if you happen to have piles of it you will discover that the cats prefer using it to their box. So now I wear gloves to clean it up. Cheap kitty litter but not clumping.
katerlyn7 years ago
to copy another poster, i finally have my pro account, i just LOVE this website, thank you to the creator(s).
you are awesome and the people here are awesome, especially cat litter boxes and hidden moving doors and bookcases. smile
G007 years ago
Finally I have my Pro account! 
"Hello World"

kcls7 years ago
Yes! Another pro forum topic I would LOVE to have would be a feature request topic. That would make instructables all the more awesome.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Personally, I would prefer to keep any extra features, including pro-only forums, to a minimum. I like the egalitarian structure we have and would like to preserve it as much as possible. I understand that being "special" is what will attract many payers, but let's not make us THAT special. . And I don't like the title "Pro". How about something along the lines of "Supporting Member" or "Patron"? . Now that I'm paying, I expect this two cents worth to be worth at least two-and-a-half. ;)
Awww, and I was really looking forward to being called one of THE Elite ! lol, NOT
"Supporting member" sounds good, but it wouldn't look good as a patch - SM.

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