Well, I am sitting in Physics

I'm supposed to be working on my rocket project with my group, but we have a substitute today (hells yeah!) She's new to the school, which is good, because we are playing volleyball with a balloon, watching movies, and listening to music. Among our fun, we played Hangman on the SmartBoard, and popped balloons. Our rocket is about done, we just need to make a power-point as documentation, and we need to launch it, which we will do on friday!
Oop! the bell just rang, cya in lunch!


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Physics is an uncomfortable thing to sit in. Try sitting in marshmallows instead.
KentsOkay9 years ago
Wus it powered by?
bumpus (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Water. :D
Plasmana bumpus9 years ago
Water and pressurized air?
iBurn Plasmana9 years ago
That would help in the part where it goes up.........unless of course you're just dropping it off a cliff.....
How american public school safe...
you should have seen the "Volcano" I created for my science class, some 36 years ago. White flashes of magnesium white, smoke, flames at least 12 feet high, and what looked like real, white hot lava coming out the top it was nearly as hot as lava too :-) That wouldn't happen now a days
I have plans to make myself a real volcano, I assume you know the painfully simple chemistry behind that? I'm thinking in a field...
That would be better then, say, your living room


It wouldn't work in my living room, however it may in the right room, it could be a possible way of making lots of heat for a long time if the reaction was slowed down, I'm thinking a five year handwarmer...
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