Well, I think its safe to say.....

That chooseausername is dead. On ibles at least. His last posted comment was october 30, 2008, and he has done nothing since. He was a noble friend and all around cool guy (in a weird way). I like to congratulate him on how much he protected his privacy too. we only know he lives in Europe. we hope you come back, or if not, have a nice life. - DJ radio.

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He is not dead. He left after...an incident. And we also know he's a Frenchman.
Incident? I have absolutely NO clue what your referring to.
Incident? PM me - I have no idea what you're talking about.
An incident? Are you suggesting Frenchmen run at the slightest hint of conlict? :-)
Uh...well, this one did...
Man! I liked Choose... despite his "Francness".
Unless they have a short, stuck up prick at their helm, I'd be willing to say most of the time...
Monsieur Bonaparte?
Aye that chap...
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