Well, It's Time

Well everyone, its time.....FOR MY SUMMER VACATION! I am going up to Canada for 9 days, I am leaving Saturday morning, I will have access to a computer with internet so I won't be cut off from civilization. Hopefully I'll have a bunch of pictures from the trip!

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REDNEK7779 years ago
conada hase weard bacon
bumpus (author)  REDNEK7779 years ago
wtf?, do you really talk like that?, and just b/c its different than what your feast on, doesn't make it weird.
Well enjoy bumpy, maybe our secret collab will gain some extras with the help of them canadian chicks...
bumpus (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
hehe, lets hope so...
but no french chicks for the stereotypical reason


disclaimer, I am not racist, necessarily, its only a joke
Hey, french girl are hot. Totally snotty, but hot.

Give 'em hell picklebump!
They aint snotty when they're ********************************************************************************** you....

to say the least YEEEEHA
... Shall we just leave it as, "Oolala!"
Welll no the first time I've heard it, btw chatroom? bout 5 mins
bumpus (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Actually that is true in many cases... But you can tell which ones long before the problems arrive...
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