Whale hunting season, begins again...

Just interested in how "ible" members felt, about Japanese whaler's entering protected zones for the purpose of research.. This is also the first year they will be escorted by an Australia research vessel to gather documentation to use against this process. The fleet has recently set sail for our southern water's with the intention of harvesting humbacks for the first time in decade's. The Australia Anti whaling vessel's, as usual should provide for an interesting event... So what I'd like to know is, since the rest of the world say's NO to whaling why do we not as global power's tell the Japanese to cease... I'm not talking everthing, but atleast during migratory season when they are in sanctuary's and sitting duck's... STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND STOP WHALING NOW!! Whale can't taste that good, make a synthetic version like fake crab.... fake whale... they need to wake up and deal with it... they are not theirs to take. They are our's, so leave them alone...!!

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Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
This report is yet to be confirmed.. Japanese official's concerned with the worldwide interest in the harvesting, have declared that no humback's will be taken this season.. :) YaY!! Atleast another year of no humback harvesting... Poor minky and sperm whales though... :(
Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
How does everyone feel about the "Sea Shepard's" aggresive protesting strategies? Like the "can opener"... Should it not be used? Or should it be modded with serated teeth and ti-nite coating? Better yet what idea's do we have that could improve this idea? I'm thinking huge metal cutoff saw on a extendable arm... ROFL
Nah. You don't go vigilante.
Lftndbt (author)  royalestel9 years ago
Then what do you do? ;) Sit back and watch them become extinct? Everyone is taking about it but no one is doing anything... Are far as i'm concerned the sea shepard should not even be there. And this all should not be happening.. Australian's have backed just about every country that has needed assistance in the past. On numerous occasion's we have suffered heavy casualties, in the name of what we felt was just and true.. I believe we have earnt the right to be respected as a nation. it's time for the Australian government to stop being follower's and start being leader's. They need to let it be known, that we will not tolerate this "research"..
You find the name and number of your government representatives, and pester them. Then, you inform other people with facts (make sure they are facts! Some activists do not, for impact purpose, and it undermines all their efforts when the truth is later found out.) You ask others to contact their representatives, or sign a petition. Personally, I would choose a more important issue to spend my time on. Genocide in Sudan, for example.
Lftndbt (author)  royalestel9 years ago
Have you read anything about whale preservation? Much pestering has been done, many people have been informed, they all have the facts. But still this continue's under the guise of "research". I don't think your understanding the point. Our government would send our Navy to stop this, but due to the "research" clause, legally they cannot.. And I have spent what time I believe necessary on this cause.. Perhaps next week I could try resolving the genocide in sudan... But for the moment, the whaling topic has been the dominant issue on Australian media. Hence this topic. ;)
The facts on such topics change all the time. More pestering could be done, and if Japanese fishermen can perform their "research" through a legal loophole, then perhaps your government could perform an ill-timed "exercise" in the are that happens to run off whales from all the sonar. Loopholes can go both waves. More pestering on specific actions (i.e. "Representative, I want you to find a loophole to allow us to interrupt this "research".) Heck, you could just have a competing "research" project involving Whales-warding methods. That you could do yourself, actually.
Lftndbt (author)  royalestel9 years ago
Bare in mind, the whale is an ocean dwelling migratory mammal. Therefore it should not only be, my governments problem. Let alone my problem... ??? I'll have to knock off early from work one day, so I can throw together a competing "research" team... LoL .. I can only imagine the amount of funds, that would have to go into keeping the formerly Sea Sheperd now Steve Irwin afloat....
royalestel9 years ago
I don't know much about this topic, but I can spout my ingorant opinions anyway! How is a hunting trip "research"? Why hunt whales and sharks at all? What is the point?
Lftndbt (author)  royalestel9 years ago
They taste good, apparently... Researching how tastey they are??
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