What Airsoft Guns, Pellet Guns or Bows Do You Use? And Other Accesories

My Airsoft gun is a Crosman Stinger P32, clear, manual, 6mm, spring-powered pistol. 10 in the mag, 50 in the reservoir. I bought a jar of 10,000 bbs with it too (also Crosman), which are labbelled as "camo ammo" (why would you ever want camo ammo? I find it annoying because there's no way to find them in the grass!). The gun came with a small jar of 400 bbs, with a flip spout. My friend also bought some really crappy bbs in South Africa for one rupee (it says "1.00 R" on the price sticker), but his airsoft gun broke so he gave em to me (they're in a grenade shaped jar). The gun came with an extra clip. I made a holster for it out of the blister package, which I might make an instructable out of (it already perfectly its the gun!). The pellets were $29, and the gun was about $30. I got it summer 2006.

I also have a pellet gun, which I don't remember the brand of. It's a break-barrel. I've had it for a year or two. It's my family's though, not just mine (my dad bought it for us).

My bow is a red fiberglass, which I don't know the brand of or anything. The draw-weight is 9 and a half pounds. I got it when I was 9 or 10, and I'm 15 now. It's a little weak for me now. I have 5 arrows, one of which is somewhere in the pile of hay bales. They're all target arrows (roundheads), 3 of them are fiberglass, the other 2 are wood. The bow costed about $50.

What guns and bows and other type thingies do you have?

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tetra283 years ago

Get the Crosman raven break barrel pellet gun. Yes, it's considered a "youth" but it has never let me down and taken many squirrels.

Aeshir (author)  tetra283 years ago

i wrote this post when i was 15. i'm 22 now. how are yall even finding these threads.

tetra28 Aeshir3 years ago

holy. i dunno i just look up forums and found this

tetra28 tetra283 years ago

ha. i just read you bio... time capsule all right. did you end up finding what you were looking for?

Aeshir (author)  tetra283 years ago

nah, wasn't lookin for anything. just chattin

I use a KWC desert eagle semi/full-auto
My mom doesn't even like water guns :(
i have a real .22 tell her your a man
does she have u were pillows to school to cause my cosin did that no joke he did it for a dare
how demented! although i cant get airsoft but my dad used to play paintball.
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