What?? An awesome inner tube contest!

We have an incredibly cool contest launching Monday with awesome reused innertube prizes provided by Alchemy Goods!  All you need to do is submit an Instructable using bicycle inner tubes. It can be just about anything as long as you've got some part of a reused bicycle inner tube in there. Check out the Alchemy Goods website for inspiration, and we'll have the exact prizes up with the contest info. 


I know I've been waiting on this one for a while now! So, gather up your inner tubes and get your thinking caps on! 

This is open to international entries! 

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I just went to the local bike shop and picked up bunch of inner tubes and some other junk gear. I never would have thought of a bike shop as a source of potential material!
And here are some tips and tricks to sewing the material if you don't have/want to buy a walker foot for your machine.
sjo2327 years ago
Perfect! I live right next to a bike shop too! The last time I asked them for all thier old inner tubes, the guy looked like christmas had come early!
Excellent! I have at least a hundred old inner-tubes, anyone have any ideas :D
jovino7 years ago
Ahhhh! An excuse to get off my butt and finally do mine, too. :-D
jeff-o7 years ago
Wow, I'd never heard of this company before, what a cool selection of stuff!

I've also got a pile of inner tubes lying around, perhaps I'll dream up something to do with them.
Awesome I got a whole mess of tubes lying about