What??? An awesome office supplies contest!

Hot off the presses! An awesome office supplies contest is set to launch. Check out the not only fantastic but "limited edition" prizes and come up with something mind blowingly cool. Contest launches Monday! 


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Shadowman397 years ago
Wow, just in time for an Instructable I plan to post this weekend! How do you find out about these upcoming contests?
Culturespy (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
Like how do I personally know? Or how do you, the general you, know? To answer the second question just keep an eye on the forums for posts like this.
I was wondering how you knew.
Culturespy (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
I'm one of the people who make the contests :)

Then you have a list to work through...

jeff-o Kiteman7 years ago
Haha, who called it??? :D
Oh, cool!
Follow the About link at the bottom of the page, and see if you can figure out who he is, or just click on the username.
Ok, I didn't know he was a staff member. Now I know. :-)
I might enter something too =D
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