What Are Your Wii Friend Codes?

hi i would like to know what games you have, i have: Mario Cart Wii Super Mario Galaxy SSBB Wii Sports GH3 GH World Tour GH Metallica GH Smash Hits Links Crossbow Training Bully Scholarship Edition Red Steel Skate It Tigerwoods PGA Tour08 Call of Duty WaW Wii Play Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Wii Music Tony Hawks Proving Ground Active Life Outdoor Challenge and Wii FIt those are only the good games i have i do have online play my wii code is 0307-7176-7668-1773 also post your codes for mario cart wii mine is 4897-6362-6182 i will post some more codes for other games later

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ostomesto6 years ago
hey does anyone have James bond 007 golden eye for wii, i would be willing to post my code if anyone has that game. There is an online and i want some friends to play with.
my wii code is 5198-0573-3218-6701
my mario cart wii aode is 0904-1601-5561
and ill hav my ssbb on later
Shaznazabbadaz (author)  EncasedDeath8 years ago
k cool, i will add you tomorrow!
ok thanks
Matt214978 years ago
hey is CoD WaW worth it? I want to convince my parents to let me get an M
YES!!!!!! But not on wii or ps2. Only ps3 and 360. Why? NAZI ZOMBIES!!!!
Funny how you just told me and my friend just rented it yesterday im goin over there at 6 central and then ill be da judge of that
The only reason the wii version is T is because it's bad graphics. SO if you don't care, and Nazi zombies isn't your idea of fun, just get the wii version.
bad graphics do NOT make or break a game's rating, furthermore the wii can display in 720p HD
Why do people insist on not reading the whole chain of comments? The wii version sucks because there is no Nazi Zombies. So if you own a ps3 or a 360, there is no reason to buy the wii version.
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