What Be Ye War-Cry?

I believe it is a commonly known fact (<--I assume) that most organisms capable of doing so exert some form of cry when exerting force. What cry do you use most often? When lifting? When celebrating? When charging into battle? When slaying that enemy in a video game?

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skunkbait9 years ago
I stepped into the middle of a domestic dispute. After some talking, the guy put his gun down.
My neighbor's oldest son worked the midnight shift at Best Buy. He was robbed by a guy at gunpoint and locked in the bathroom. He quit the next day.
I've been in armed confrontations three times total. My adrenaline usually carries me through the situation. Then when it's all over, I get kind of week in the knees and nauseated.
Three times? Wow. Adrenaline is an amazing thing. It's one of the main reasons I airsoft/paintball. The repercussions are terrible though, it really wipes you out. Plus, I later feel all the hits that I barely noticed when I was pumped up. So I can kind of relate to that feeling, but staring down an Airsoft gun verses a real one just can't compare.
I enjoy paintball. It's kind of grown-up tag. I live on ten acres, and I let the guys from a local universities' security department play on our place. My kids and I play when they have un-even teams. They got real good and beat the local National Gaurd unit in a game of woods-ball. It certainly does give a nice adrenaline rush! I'll have to say though, that facing real guns, (and insane gunslingers) makes you really take stock of your life (the good, the bad, and the ugly!).
Lucky! I can only paintball once a year because the field is over an hour away and it's really expensive to get in. Once a week I go down to a designated Airsoft park with my friends and their stepdad (or brother, he's their oldest sister's husband). Airsoft is a little more realistic IMO, (and I mean real Airsoft, 350 fps minimum, average ~400fps) and a lot cheaper. Paintball really gets the adrenaline going though, and is a little more exciting.
My kids do airsoft in the barn. They used to do it in the house, but the vacuum cleaner can't handle it.
You know what's funny? Last time I was in an armed situation, (not one of the three), the sherriffs deputy asked me to hold the gun (belonging to one of the disgruntled disputers) until the confrontation was over. I'm used to it in the professional protection business, but as a minister (my role that day), it has been one of my more unusual duties!
Lol! That must have been a little awkward.
Usually a series of squeaks and/or little Pokemon-esque noises. I'm not scary enough for anything else.
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