What Can I Do With A Chocolate Fountain

I have a chocolate fountain, but I haven't used it in a long time (two years). It's really hard to wash, which is the main reason I haven't used it. Is there anything I can do with it? Maby make it easyer to clean somehow?

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iproberry15 years ago
here are some suggestions:
  • Water F.
  • Cheese F.
  • Chocolate F.
  • Pop drink F.
  • Beer F. (not really)
  • Chemical F.
Cheese fountain! You could thin melted velveeta with milk and have the most awesome nacho party ever.

Yes, the clean-up afterwards would still be a pain, but totally worth it.
chicken broth?

have fun be creative
bananite7 years ago
Put some rocks on the base plate and make a zen (water) fountain?
CherryPie7 years ago
Maybe use it regularly for its intended purpose—so regularly that you wouldn't really have to clean it since the new chocolate would push the old chocolate (only a week old) out with each use. Throw a chocolate fondue party, then pass it around the neighborhood or whatever so it really does get used regularly without you having to eat 5 pounds of chocolate every week. You could even rent it out for cheap.
Juklop10 years ago
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Juklop10 years ago
Um... Eeeeeeew
Oooh! Convert it into a multi-person Urinal!
zascecs Juklop7 years ago
...eventually, the creator realized that it enhances homosexuality, the urinal had to be removed and is now hidden safely in area 51.
jrh065 Juklop7 years ago
As if urinals don't splash enough already :/
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