What Converse do you have?

 I Have Black Ones!!! enter a pic of yours for the world to see! 

Instructables websites to these cool Converse holders shoes:
Starburst552 (me): 
King Yoshi:

Thanks for the pics all!

Picture of What Converse do you have?
king yoshi.jpg
BLUEBLOBS22 years ago
I don't wear Converse...
acidbass4 years ago
I have the pro basketball high tops that look extremely retro with orange laces (the shoes are black and white)
RelientOwl4 years ago
I have some some awesome red lo' tops!
EriK_C_RioT4 years ago
Here's my freshest pair
skunkbait4 years ago
I've got a pair of black lowtops with flames, and a plane old white pair of hightops. But back in the day (over 20 yrs ago) I had 4 pairs- black, red, (I wore one of each), marine-blue, and peach. My son has an Olive Drab pair of lowtops.
I've just got plain ol' black ones.
kinda hard to tell from the pic but they are embroidered and have a golden sheen when the light catches it... prolly should have kept them in the box but i like them to much not to where them.
didn't click upload pic
my chucks.JPG
Ms.Rocker5 years ago
my sister has converse with paint splatter on them, theyre crazy colorful. I just like to take picutes of them. lol i just have regular converse (black and white) but i want purple high tops badly!!!
Robot Lover5 years ago
i don't have any at the moment but plan to get another pair soon. this kid at my old school that had some and were purple and had different colored zippers on the back.
ncp2465 years ago
Light yellow double-tongues, with loop-over lacing on the left and lattice lacing on the right. :D  I painted the stitching and the hearts at the tips.  They are kind old, so the color is a bit dingy, but I figure the laces make up for it.
king yoshi5 years ago
blue with yellow laces with brand new lace tying (basically the reason i am here)
J@50n (author)  king yoshi5 years ago
 spider web lacing?
J@50n (author)  king yoshi5 years ago
musick_085 years ago

my new chucks

J@50n (author)  musick_085 years ago
 nice! ill post em in at the top! if you haven't joined, please do!
musick_08 J@50n5 years ago
thanks, yeah i joined right before i posted the pic :P
Joe Martin5 years ago
I wanted to get a custom yellow and black pair made but converse don't seem to ship those to the uk :(
J@50n (author)  Joe Martin5 years ago
 do you know someone in the U.S. that you could have them shipped too, then they ship them to you?
Yeah I know quite a few people over there however, it's alot of hassle and extra costs I'll rather not deal with.

I'll just have to get a normal pair sometime...
J@50n (author)  Joe Martin5 years ago
that it would be.
ewilhelm5 years ago
J@50n (author)  ll.135 years ago
 leave pix!
J@50n (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
 leave a pic!
ItsTheHobbs5 years ago
Same as you... Just lattice laced.
J@50n (author)  ItsTheHobbs5 years ago
leave a pic
lemonie5 years ago
I've got a pair of Dr Marten's with steel toe-caps...

J@50n (author)  lemonie5 years ago
leave a pic!
toogers5 years ago
i have yellow all-stars, bar laced.
yeah, i'm that cool.
toogers toogers5 years ago
low top, forgot to mention.

J@50n (author)  toogers5 years ago
 please show us a pic!
J@50n (author)  toogers5 years ago
beneggs5 years ago
 White on black hightop converse aka old school converse
and a pair of black on black high top converse right now one is laced normal crisscross and the other is zipper laced i dont have a pic of my black on black ones
Zipper Lacing.jpg
jamescobb5 years ago
1st is white with black puzzle pieces and one red one on the heel.
2nd is a crossword puzzle, after i got new converse i let some people sign it.
3rd are my everyday shoes.
If only I had Converse....
Keith-Kid5 years ago
None. I hate those shoes. All my friends have em. I do not.