What Do You Play

I just thought I would start off this by asking the members of this group and any others that are reading this what instrument they play or like and why? I play the tenor saxophone (first chair) at my local high school, where we have one of the top jazz bands in the state if not farther out. I've been playing tenor since the end of 5th grade, I am currently in 10th. This means I've had some time to practice.

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nancyjohns2 years ago

Guitar(Acoustic and Electric), harmonica, a little mandolin, and a little ukulele.

OH! I forgot. I also play the mayonnaise.

Berkin8 years ago
I played guitar at one point.

I kinda gave up..

How did you do the small text???

bhanon8152 years ago

id like to play sax but currently the clarinet, piano keyboard,recorder if that counts :) and the caustic gutar

zascecs7 years ago
I play the alto sax, piano, and a little bit of guitar. 
j_wo7 years ago
 I play the trombone, trumpet, euphonium, tuba, guitar, drums, piano/keyboard, and the mandolin.
smarte78 years ago
I happen to play the clarinet. I would absolutely LOVE to play the violin and piano though!!!!!!!!! And as for theose physco band teachers, I thought I had the worst woodwind teacher in the world. He was so strict and my class though he was crazy! Now we all love him and wish that he hadn't retired last year :( The truth is that those crazy teachers really do make you better. They push you when you don't take the effort to push yourself and those of us that were taught by my first band teacher are now higher chairs than the rest who were not (taught by him that is)
violin all the way!
Bugman99 years ago
I play horn in school and was picked to play in honor band for first chair. I play a little bit of guitar,a lot of piano, marimba, and a bit of clarinet.
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