What Does 'Stuff' Refer to?

does it have to be food or cam it be anything ?


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kcls7 years ago
Are you talking about the stuff on a stick contest? There it refers to food. According to a forum topic I saw the other day:

"Our Stuff on a Stick Contest is just for food, but if it was for any crazy item on a stick, Steve McGranahan's lawnmower on a stick would be a strong contender." (My emphasis).

And also directly from the contest page: 

"Its easy to enter: just submit your projects featuring food on sticks!" (Also my emphasis)

supersega1 kcls7 years ago
So that means that I can't do my mp3 player on a stick? I already took the time to cut up some headphones and glued the stick on the bit : (
You're too late anyway, Mr. Bumper. The contest is already in judging.
oh well it's still fun to use : D
Goodhart kcls7 years ago
Yeah, I was really thinking about a voodoo effigy of a little brother on a stick, but then remembered it had to be food LOL J/K
Gummy voodoo doll!!
kcls Goodhart7 years ago
Well technically a little brother on a stick would be food, but that would be cannibalism, which I believe is illegal in most states.
kelseymh kcls7 years ago
...and the District of Columbia. Not valid without coupon.
...and territories, or other foreign places we occupy because our nukes are bigger.
eatable voodoo doll?

Kill your enemies by eating them and gain their power!
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