What Does the "Popular" Sort Method Do?

When you click explore or a tag or somethnig and a list of Instructables shows up and there's the option to sort by "Popular". Lol. I'm confused.

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
The POPULAR tag is triggered when a project receives a certain amount of hits in one day. Some projects hit that mark soon after publishing, others spike months later when they are picked up by a blog or other party that refers hits to it.

Think of it as one way to reference how much traffic a project gets. However it's by no means the only way as many VERY successful projects have a "long tail" and preform well over years, and may never hit the 'popular' trigger of so many hits in a 24 hour period.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I'm reviving this topic because I can't figure out what stats determine the order of my Instructables on my profile page, when I sort them by "popular".

The one that appears in the first spot (presumably the most popular), has been there for quite some time now (weeks). It is not my most recent Instructable. Its not the most viewed (today or all time), and its neither the highest rated or the most commented on....

So could somebody please tell me what sorting my ibles by "popular" is doing?
Popular used to be a measure of very recent views and frequency of comments.

What it means now, I have no idea.
That's not good (imo). I have on many occasions looked at other members Instructables and sorted them by "popular", thinking that I was in fact viewing that members most popular projects... 

If its not representing the word "popular" then (imo), it should be removed or replaced since that option is on our NEW Profile Pages and seems a little misleading...

Could you move this topic to Feedback or something?

Your wish...
Thank you.
Forwarded to our coders.
Is reference to "codemonkeys" no longer popular?
I really like that phrase, and wish I could be considered a "code monkey." The problem is I don't want to equate our team of developers to monkeys banging on a keyboard. While they may not mind, it's not a liberty I really want to take. They do a TON of stuff on this site, and I really don't want to undermine that aspect when I refer to them. I really don't like calling them coders either, but I don't think as many people will follow what I mean when I say "Developers."
How about "toners"?
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