What Food ( Mostly Healthy ) Should Be Served ?

The immediate families are now tracking my Best Answer count.
And said  "let's have a party at 100, what sort of food ?"
We live in a mountain desert state. 
I don't think there's any rush...................  A

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suayres6 years ago
Some of my favorite healthy party foods are: crudités, served with a couple different dips: hummus is always good, & I make a roasted onion dip--roast 3-4 large onions until they are dark brown & have collapsed. Roast a head of garlic, too (cut off the top of the head, drizzle olive oil over it, & wrap in foil. Bake with the onions for about 45-60 minutes.) when the onions & garlic are done, remove from the oven & cool. Then put through a food processor, food mill, or blender. Add Greek yogurt to make a basic dip (about 2 cups for this amount of onion). Season to your taste--I add Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, and herbs (these vary with my mood). Believe me, this beats any onion dip made with onion soup mix, all hollow!
Another good dip is a simple mixture of salsa & either sour cream (whatever fat level meets your need) or Greek yogurt. You can make it as spicy or bland as you like.
suayres suayres6 years ago
Yes, it keeps well for a week or so if tightly covered (tight is important if you don't want to make everything in your fridge taste like onions & garlic). And I don't know how clear I made it that you squeeze the roasted garlic out of the skin, sort of like toothpaste--as Alton Brown would say, the garlic skin doesn't bring much flavor to the party!
iceng (author)  suayres6 years ago
A very good point on aromatic profusion.
Looking forward to making it.
Thank you again.

iceng (author)  suayres6 years ago
Just looked it up, now understand what crudités are and a bit embarrassed  having lived in France four years as a youngster.

This Onion Garlic dip recipe goes on the wall to try soonest.
Does it keep well in the fridge ?
Thanks,   Alex...
Goodhart6 years ago
iceng (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Im gonna get sooo healthy, Ill outlive my kids :-) A
Goodhart iceng6 years ago
LOL I hadn't even really looked at those links closely.....I am not sure how "healthy" they are :-)
bajablue6 years ago
For more well-rounded Celebration Meal, don't forget to add:

Potato and Hops Juice.
iceng (author)  bajablue6 years ago
Is it really made in the potato state ? Alex...
bajablue iceng6 years ago
lemme check...

DANG! Technically no... it's bottled and distilled in Hood River, Oregon... but I bet the taters came from Idaho.

Next time I stop in the Liquor Store, I'll inquire and raise a little billy-heck.

False advertising is so ROOD! ;-D
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