What Games Do you Own?

What games do you currently own? doesn't matter what platform 360/ps3/PC What games do you own and what ones do you play the most?

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Andrew.F8 years ago
about 5
about 120
about 50
about 20

total: 254
And i still need more (do i have a bad habit?)
I own some 360 games and some computer games as well... for my 360~ cod:4 cod:WaW gow gow2 halo halo2 halo3 halo wars left 4 dead fallout 3 bishock rockband rockband 2 guitar hero 2 guitar hero 3 guitar hero aerosmith guitar hero metallica guitar hero would tour computer~ warhammer 40k WoW Nexuiz open arena and i have an atari flashback
Goodhart8 years ago
Other then the DS lite my wife bought, which has Brain Age on it, and she also bought some kiddie Farm/magic game thinking it was a gardening program *sigh*.
I'm guessing its called Harvest Moon: something... I love that series. Not because of that girly magic crap, but I enjoy games where you build a life. I absolutely LOOOOVE any game with the word Tycoon in big bright letters.
Ah, good um guess *chuckle*

Yes, that is it. It was interesting (I did look at it to show my wife how to play it) and I spent a couple of minutes fooling around with it, but it takes so long to accomplish things (like clearing a field of rocks).
Oh, I just realized I said other then the DS lite my wife bought and didn't finish the thought......other then that, we have a few games on the computer other then the Standards: I have a chess game (forgot the name but it is good, and free :-) , we have Vet Clinic, and DAKRON, and the one free interactive game I mentioned awhile back in another forum, but I can't remember the name of it and it is on my computer at home.....something about a princess trapped in a mountain and you have to free her..... *shrug* my memory needs upgrading LOL
I have the wii, psp, nintendo 64 (I have 2), gameboy color, orig. black/white gameboy, nes, and the old sega genesis. I only use the wii and psp these days. Dont get me started on what games I have.
hey i got call of duty 4 for PC and i was wonderig if some how you can play it on a ps2 or ps1 or sumtin kuz i dont hav a kick*** gaming computer to play it
=SMART= (author)  xtacticalmonkeyx9 years ago
na dude if the game is for PC then you can only play it on a PC, they diddnt make the game for ps2, there are quite alot of good shootin games similar to call of duty 4 for the ps2 Do a google search for " best ps2 FPS" that will show you the best first person shooting games for ps2
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