What Gun is This?

I have seen this gun in oodalump's Guide to Performance K'NEX Guns, and I have always wondered what it was, and where it was to be found. Can anybody help me, and provide me a link with which and can gaze at this amazing looking gun?

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As everybody has said, put this under questions, as it is a question. :3

And yeah, it's BakenBitz's shotgun turret weapon; no instructions have ever been posted, unfortunately. As K'nex Innovation is a very unreliable site, I'm not even going to bother finding the original pictures there. It seems that BM has provided a link to more pictures, anyway. :P
Well, instructables says that questions are for forum topics too, so it really does not matter.

Thanks for the info, the gun is pretty sweet. =D
Yeah, but my OCD tells me that questions go in question part of instructables. You're right, though: it doesn't really matter.

Yeah, the gun is pretty badass. (If saying that word isn't allowed, I shall delete this comment. I don't know all the rules exactly. Mods of instructables, please let me be! :P)
It's kinda a piece hog for its performance.
I know, but it looks really cool, and nobody cares about piece consumption except for you and TD, Racker.
Nobody Really Cares.jpeg
XD, nice pic.
Thanks. :P
TheRacker4 years ago
And it's actually Mepain's gun, not bakenbitz's.
Ah, I see.
TheRacker4 years ago
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