What I Have Built

So... It has been A LONG TIME since I last posted anything on instructables. To be exact my last comment was 20 days ago, so here is an update.

Right now. I have.

Bakenbitz (Atlas) - Model M16 in mettalics
Dutchwarlord - Tar - 21 in classic, gold, colors
Ironman69 - M249 (SAW) RBG in mettalics

If you want me to post the SAW, I will, I just need alot of people who want me to because it is a big task.
www.youtube.com/watch Video for the SAW

Also there are my two airsoft guns. 
A G&G MP5 SD5 (400$)
And a Kraken AK-47 (220$) 

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post ironman's gun (last two pics) btw love the tar21 hehe
I got that MP5 for $120!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
bigdylan917 years ago
Do you have any other pics of Bakenbitz's M16 besides the ones in this topic?
beng7 years ago
Post that SAW!!!

bigdylan917 years ago
Is that a Berreta 92fs?
wdbs7 years ago
All your guns are nice. I am making the XM8 FN SCAR at the moment.
Is the TAR21 any good?
bruce911 (author)  shadowninja317 years ago

Not the best in ranges but it is pretty cool.

Okay. It looks cool. It's one of my favorite guns and I wanted to know how good it was.
How can it be one of your favorite guns if you don't know how good it is?
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