What Is Your Favorite Shotgun , Rifle , and Pistol?

What are Your Favorite Shotgun , Rifle , and Pistol? my favorite pistol is the 460. Smith & Wesson, My Favorite Rifle is the Weatherby Mark 5 460. Weatherby Magnum, my favorite sniper rifle is the edm arms windrunner in 408 cheytac, my favorite assault rifle is the sturmgewehr 44, my favorite machinegun is the mg 42, and my favorite shotgun is the AA-12. So what are yours?

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wabawaba6 years ago
pistol s&w usp .40 shotgun: military m590 mossberg assault rifle: magpul masada sniper rifle: sr12
money maker8 years ago
Pistol: Glock 18
Smg: P90
Sniper: Remington model 700 tactical target
Assault rifle: Tavor Tar 21
Shotgun: AA-12

glock18.jpgp90.jpg700_ttr_410.jpgTavor-tar.jpgAA12 Shotgun_1.jpg
the pistol in the picture is not a g 18
knexguy8 years ago
Seeing as this has already been revived:

Rifle:  AS50
Pistol:  FN Five-seveN
Shotgun:  AA-12.
st j knexguy7 years ago
Sniper Rifle:M21-EBR
Assult Rifle:Scar-L
Pistol: Glock 18
Shotgun: AA-12 Frag12 armour piercing rounds (adds 75ft more range than standard rounds and slugs.)
jhonny7 years ago
Rifle=Stv-40 Pistol=Tokerev TT-33
Seleziona8 years ago
 Shotgun-Rossmore 236
Rifle-Gewehr 43
Pistol-USP 45
pistol: glock 23
assault rifle: Steyr aug a3
sniper rifle: barret m110
shotgun: aa12

Pistol: M9 Aussult Rifle: FN SCAR Rifle: M2000 Sub Machine Gun: MP7 Machine Gun: M242 SAW Shotgun: Spas 12
citason8 years ago
pistol:anaconda rifle:l96a1 shotgun:spas 12
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