What LARP are you a part of?

So... what LARP(S) are you in? LARP NAME WHERE? WHEN? WHAT?

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I am a LARPer since about 10 Years now, playing in Germany. Here we use mostly the DragonSys-LARP-Rules or another Rule-Set called Silbermond.
Another Dagorhir player here
WurdBendur8 years ago
Dagorhir for the win.
Realmsnet.net is the one I belong to. It services the new england area, and this weekend is a nice game at UNH which I shall be NPCing at the event.
Travelsonic (author) 9 years ago
Go for it, I'm going to post a game I wrote - technically not a LARP since there is no roleplaying, but rather a boffer combat/racing game.
i play the star wars LARP and a fan made lord of the rings LARP that me and a friend made do you think i should make it a instructable?
Doctor What9 years ago
Unfortunately, I'm not a LARP-er. I don't know how and where to find one in my area. *tear* How'd you find yours? (btw, post how you made your outfit)
Travelsonic (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
Iam a college student who lucked out, there are two on campus I live on (Refuge the Chronicles, and Systems Malfunction, I'm in the first one). Actually, there was another called Tales of the Dreaming that once or twice went on for 24 hours straight. I saw the Refuge the Chronicles players playing once, expressed interest, and the rest is history. I'm pretty sure you could do a google search to find games in your area, but that won't always work. As for costumes, I'm actually just started experimenting, as the use of costumes is not required by the LARP I'm in. I'll post more when I have some real things done.