What LARP are you a part of?

So... what LARP(S) are you in? LARP NAME WHERE? WHEN? WHAT?

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I am a LARPer since about 10 Years now, playing in Germany. Here we use mostly the DragonSys-LARP-Rules or another Rule-Set called Silbermond.
Another Dagorhir player here
WurdBendur9 years ago
Dagorhir for the win.
Realmsnet.net is the one I belong to. It services the new england area, and this weekend is a nice game at UNH which I shall be NPCing at the event.
Travelsonic (author) 9 years ago

My Live-Action Combat Racing game. Instructables messed with some of the text, but I'll fix that later as it is still readable.
death run looks awesome
Travelsonic (author)  Travelsonic9 years ago
*ME AND SOME FRIENDS actually. I wrote the barebones rules in about 20 minutes, but my friends tweaked them considerably, and helped debug them.
Travelsonic (author) 9 years ago
Go for it, I'm going to post a game I wrote - technically not a LARP since there is no roleplaying, but rather a boffer combat/racing game.
i play the star wars LARP and a fan made lord of the rings LARP that me and a friend made do you think i should make it a instructable?
Doctor What9 years ago
Unfortunately, I'm not a LARP-er. I don't know how and where to find one in my area. *tear* How'd you find yours? (btw, post how you made your outfit)
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