What Movies do you think deserve a 10

What movies would you give a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale?

Mine would be- The Empire Strikes Back, Back to the Future, Spirited Away, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Nightmare Before Christmas, Avatar, The Sixth Sense, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

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lemonie7 years ago
blkhawk lemonie5 years ago
I liked Monty Python's Life of Brian.
lemonie blkhawk5 years ago
Otter's noses?

I do like The Bridge of Death...
My fave being the witch scene: She's a witch !
how do you know she's a witch?
She turned me into a newt !......looooong pause
I got better
the trojian rabbit scene <3
I don't know about that, but the catapulting is for sure.


Napoleon dynamite
forest gump
Monty pythons the holy grail
Monty pythons the holy grail is the best thing ever
haha yes its brilliant isn't it? one of the best parts is the taunting French guard lol
kelseymh7 years ago
Citizen Kane
The Longest Day
The Godfather
The Seventh Seal
Das Boot
Star Wars
2001: A Space Odyssey

I'm not sure any of these were made after you were born. Feel free to look them up on IMDB or Wikipedia.
I would agree with all of these except for Kane. As much as I liked it, the emotional detachment for me made the film unworthy of ten out of ten.
Oh, here's one from your generation.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Another movie with a lot of flashbacks and much better (in my not too humble opinion) is Memento.
It's different. Memento is a really awesome presentation of of someone with Korsakov's syndrome, and how they (try to) manage it. Eternal Sunshine is closer in spirit to a "temporal loop" paradox, I think.
Apart from the weird dream scenes, I never understood what the hoopla about the movie was about.
ilpug kelseymh5 years ago
Das boot should have been on my list >.<
FFVIIBOY (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Well im into movies form all times mostly movies before 2000, ive been wanting to see Citizen Kane its on youtube i just havent had the time yet or i forget
edshu335 years ago
2001: A Space Odyssey
City Lights
Once Upon a Time in the West
The General
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Saving Private Ryan
The Night of the Living Dead
Star Wars
Roman Holiday
Pulp Fiction
Toy Story
Dirty Harry
Knex.X5 years ago
The Devil Wears Prada (WTF)
Twilight (just kidding)
Dumb and dumber (still Kidding)

Now serious:
Spongebob the Movie
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
Lord of The Rings Trilogy
Fly Away Home
James Bond: Goldeneye
The Da Vinci Code
Angels & Demons
Apocalypse Now
Star Trek
The Godfather
Band Of Brothers
Der Untergang
Peter Pan
Snow White
Mary Poppins
caitlinsdad7 years ago
To Sir, with love
5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
Apocalypse Now
Kill Bill
Bless the Beasts and the Children
Silent Running
Do the Right Thing
My Sassy Girl - Korean original
The Magnificent Seven
The Ten Commandments
Thunderbirds are Go!
The Caine Mutiny

Did you know that the Magnificent Seven was based on the movie Seven Samurais?
lemonie blkhawk5 years ago
blkhawk lemonie5 years ago
It looks like a B movie!
lemonie blkhawk5 years ago
It's not very good, but it has the same plot, Robert Vaughn an "John-Boy Walton".


*Not really like; Judgement Night sucks, but the soundtrack is pretty good.

There are some great Japanese movie directors, Kurosawa, and anything by Miyazaki.
The Magnificent Seven over Ran? Well, it's certainly shorter :-)
This was not the Top 10 List, I only added to those that have been mentioned before. Besides, only once in a while will you get an adaptation or remake that works.
Kiteman7 years ago
Blues Brothers.
Star Wars IV-VI
Silent Running.
Batman Begins
Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
blkhawk Kiteman5 years ago
Well! Someone is a kid at heart! :)
Goodhart5 years ago
The two newest Sherlock Holmes movies & Inception ! would be on my list
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
The Matrix, Ocean's 11, The first three Star Wars, 21, and Serenity.
21 was great!
FFVIIBOY (author)  ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
By first 3 Star Wars do you mean A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of theJedi cuz those are the good ones
Of course!
FFVIIBOY (author)  ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
The originals are the best but the prequel trilogy is kinda helpful to better understand the story
blkhawk5 years ago
  1. La Vie en Rose (the story of Edith Piaf)
  2. Invincible (the story of Mussolini's first wife)
  3. The Sand Pebbles
  4. Enemy at the Gates
  5. 88 Minutes
  6. Fracture
  7. 300
  8. Silence of the Lambs
  9. Legends of the Fall
  10. Paperhouse

ilpug blkhawk5 years ago
Enemy at the gates is a major win.
ilpug5 years ago
-The Big Lebowski
-Fight club
-Schindlers list
-One flew over the cuckoos nest
-The good the band and the ugly
-The dark Knight

Those are just a few, all of which deserve at least a nine. I have many many more.
CrLz7 years ago

10 of my tops

Definitely like some of the other picks: Nightmare Before Christmas, Braindead (Dead Alive), Blues Brothers, The Matrix, Citizen Kane.
blkhawk CrLz5 years ago
Pan's Labyrinth seemed to me like a Christian allegory, Blade Runner is a classic and Run Lola Run another example of existentialist art.
Forrest Gump and Rainman :)
batonas6 years ago
Wheres Forest Gump in this list ?
FFVIIBOY (author)  batonas6 years ago
yes, i just havent updated my list in a while
bajablue6 years ago
Quigley Down Under, August Rush, True Lies, Gladiator, What Dreams May Come, Last of the Mohicans, Avatar, Batteries Not Included.
johnydepp6 years ago
I think, Johnny Depp Movie "Rango" deserve a 10. what do you think? am i right?
brentgmz6 years ago
Starwars is in my list but City of God and Schindlers List deserves a 10 imho.
Flintlock6 years ago
Hard Candy
Old Boy
Let Me In
Fight Club
monsterlego6 years ago
Star wars (all), Batman begins, The dark Night, LOTR trilogy, Inception and The Bourne trilogey.
methewjonas6 years ago
I love to watch movies and some of my favorite one. 
Saving Private Ryan
Kung Fu Panda
DJ Radio7 years ago
The Dark Knight
8 Mile
All 6 Star Wars Movies
Rebel without a cause
Forrest Gump
musicgirl7 years ago
The Dark Knight & Inception :D
I love Inception! It was such a crazy movie!
yea it was cool right
FFVIIBOY (author)  musicgirl7 years ago
Ive been wanting to see Inception
rly? lol its an awesome movie :D
NachoMahma7 years ago
10, of course. ;)
I avoided that, just too obvious, sorry, ten demerits.
.  :(
On what scale, artistic merit, entertainment value, desire to see again, total box office receipts?
FFVIIBOY (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
Whatever you want