What NOT to feed your dog

Here is a list of Food You Should Not Feed your Dog

My dog has been a bit sick lately, and vomiting frequently. I just noticed that us feeding him some of these foods from time to time may have helped cause that....

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Mothys8 years ago
alfpwns9 years ago
tech-king9 years ago
why do they need to put pot on that list? are people that dumb?
there has been no recorded deaths from marajuana, that does not count car crashes and other drugs, including cigarettes (which is a drug by the way). my brother rented this movie that said that. some random things that you remember are weird huh? i dont smoke weed btw, never wanted to.
Keith-Kid (author)  tech-king9 years ago
Hey, it could happen.....they just stare at you with those big beady eyes and that sad look! They want some fun too!
i wonder about tobaco...
Yep it is also toxic, and it honestly doesn't take that much to kill a human....
Gjdj3 tech-king9 years ago
I once thought people were smart. Then I saw this.
tech-king, don't ever, and I mean ever underestimate the potential power of an Idiot, They will amaze you, if you though some thing like giving a dog pot was idiot proof, they will just invent a bigger idiot.....
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