What Should Be My Next Instructable?

ok, well after i post my semi-auto(yes i made one!) i will be open to ideas. so, what do you want me to build? i am going to have a vote for it. the voting ends when my semi-auto is posted. um, i am open to anything but try to make the gun realistic. please no big grenade launchers please. voting: low piece machine gun: 2 votes. gun with my new bolt mech: 1 vote 12 shotgun: 1 vote.

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some thing worth building. not being mean or rude but so far you havent built any thing worth making..
Geez, the most useful comment in history. Not being rude to you, but what do you think is useful and what not?
dsman195276 (author)  polishgangster98 years ago
this post is old, and i have many things worth making.
DRADIS9 years ago
Anything but a model of a real gun. Those are starting to bug me
Although a mech crossbow sounds awesome
j-chode!9 years ago
Mechanism crossbow if you please.
Why dont you make another christian instructable. That was HILARIOUS! It would get 5 stars from me
Are you christian?
hell no, it was just really funny cause it was like "ur going to burn in hell!!!! RAHHH BE AFRAID!!"
dsman195276 (author)  teaaddict3149 years ago
man you guy's always assume that burning in hell is all we ever say. duid we ever once say you would go to hell? no,
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