What Should I Do Next? (Contest CLOSED)

This contest is now closed.

I have chosen Monesterlego as the winner. (design below.)
Thank you all for entering and I will do this again! (Maybe for more prizes!!!)

NEW CONTEST HERE!!! (Ends: August 10,2012.)

Picture of What Should I Do Next? (Contest CLOSED)
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Dude, you've got almost as many on comments on THIS TOPIC than I have total!
Who are you saying to ?
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
Are you just going through and replying "yeah" all the sudden?
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
How skid I know you where going to say that.
Woops. I meant did.
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
iproberry1 (author)  The Cartographer4 years ago
Is that a sword or a light saber? If it's a sword, have him hold a light saber.
Also, you could put a darth vader mask on him, put an apron on him and have him hold a spatula, or make him into a viking with one of those horned helmets and an ax or something. Oooh - have you done superman yet?
Was I only supposed to post one thing? ;-)
How about all of them?
Isn't that copying?
Copying what? i just edited one of his old avatars.
Oh, wait. Misunderstanding- sorry.
iproberry1 (author)  monsterlego4 years ago
dude that is awesome!!! (you CAN post designs)
I love it! Well done! :) thanks for brightening my day!
No problem!
iproberry1 (author)  DeandrasCrafts4 years ago
pick one or two
I like superman with a cape and an "S" on front, or darth Vader helmet with a light saber. :)
iproberry1 (author)  DeandrasCrafts4 years ago
Your Ideas will be made soon. Please don't post any more.
iproberry1 (author)  DeandrasCrafts4 years ago
ok that will be in the finals
Alex Mercer4 years ago
1. Nose
2. Legs
3. Hair
4. Clothes, I recommend you...
iproberry1 (author)  Alex Mercer4 years ago
pick one or two
Nose and legs.
iproberry1 (author)  Alex Mercer4 years ago
ok...I will include that.
dark brick? fire brick fire breathing brick naruto brick ichigo brick?
iproberry1 (author)  Ilija Miljkovac4 years ago
pick one or two
Goodhart4 years ago
The Force you must teach him. The next Yoda, he will be.
Do you have a sound byte for that.
I do a fairly good imitation of him actually :-)
It would still be cool, even if it was the real yoda.
Let's see if this will work (that should be an MP3):

Do you have a microphone?
I have one on my headset yes.
Sometimes I wish I had one.
It "was" a cheap one.....like around $5 or so.....now I need a new one, this one has broaken and fallen apart.......
So no more Yoda sound bytes?
Yeah, and no more talking on Skype until I replace the thing either *sigh*
Yeah, I probably won't get a skype till I'm older. (FYI, I'm only 13)
Well, the headset I had was like a $3-$5 piece and lasted me over a year....and I used it for a lot more then just skype (I am not online long enough at any one time to use it much anyways).
We kinda got off-topic, huh.
Hmmm, ok, maybe what he should do next is "put some really sick headphones on his avatar" LOL
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
That kind of ended the conversation, didn't it.
Oh well, another place another time :-)
Cool, that is.
I try :-)
You mean:"try, I do."
He didn't ALWAYS turn the words about; for instance: Yoda: It is the future you see. (another way to say the same thing, since THAT is inferred: It is the future that you see).
You sound like you've studied a Yoda language course or something.
LOL no I am just a bit of a GEEK ;-) I never could learn Klingon very well LOL
So you can speak clingon though?
No better than I can speak German (had a whole year of German in school 35+ years ago and remember 3 words and a phrase LOL)
So just in case you're in germany you can say whatever it it is you can say in german, same goes if you're in the world of star treck.
yeah, really helpful.....the phrase I remember is: Sie haben einen intelligenten Modus der Nase zu bohren.

Which, roughly translates into:  You have an intelligent way of picking your nose.   (an international insult from the Internation Insult Dictionary).

I remember: fenster (window) and papierkorb (wastePaper basket) along with a smattering of incidental words (das ist = that is, etc). Hardly enough to help me get on anyone's good graces over there :-)

In Klingon,   'etlh is a sword 
po' = skilled
and 'Iw = blood :-)

again, not realy enough to communicate much of anything to anyone.
Well walk up and say sword skilled blood, then rattle off some other fancy made-up words and someone will think you're smart.
OR they will think I have completely lost all my marbles >:-D
You WERE speaking klingon.
but "most" people will think it is gibberish and think me insane (or at very least inane :-D )
I wouldn't laugh. ( Out loud anyway.)
LOL no I am just a bit of a GEEK ;-) I never could learn Klingon very well either LOL
iproberry1 (author)  Goodhart4 years ago
LIke he wins, ok.
ok-buy.org4 years ago
What's this?interesting!Like a Spongebob
iproberry1 (author)  ok-buy.org4 years ago
Sponge bob?...you wan t me to put him on my avatar?
oh,interesting image,isn't it?
iproberry1 (author)  ok-buy.org4 years ago
I guess...
Pinochio all the way!!!! Big nose, overalls, a straw hat, the whole shabang.
Ok, I'm following you now, your turn!
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
you are?
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
What does that mean?
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
i am following you
Oh, very nice. Did you notice the four under my picture. Check it out.
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
I did...did you see the 10 under MY picture? go check THEM out.
I should have a five now, I just made made a rebel pistol.
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
I should have 11 now.
Yah, the lego desk. Right?
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
In the sense of cold, "cool", or cool, "cool".
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
Sorry, just finding some fun in an otherwise bland conversation.
I wasn't trying to sound snooty, sorry. In any case, Yes I did. mostly legos, but amazing legos at that!
Dress him up like a gorrila.
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
oh and i will include your idea with lego guy arms!
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
follow me and i will follow you!
Are you being philosophical or literal?
iproberry1 (author)  vroom...vroom...4 years ago
i dono...never mind then
Confusion, apparantly one of your many traits.