What Should I Do With 100+ Tennis Balls?

Tennis Balls - weird color, weird shape. I have Acquired over 100 tennis balls recently but have no idea what to do with them. So I am coming to you guys for answers. I don't want ideas like "Tennis Ball Mortar" what do you think i did with the first 100 balls? Any ideas?

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Kalipa7 years ago
 So, what did you do to them?
tomonto9 years ago
become a world champion tennis ball puter in mouther.
Zilduli9 years ago
learn how to play tennis (assuming you don't already know)
bumpus (author)  Zilduli9 years ago
Hehe, I took it up two years ago, but got removed from the course, as I kept hitting balls into the parking lot... : /
Carmelite9 years ago
Tennis balls have a special type of gas inside of it. That gas just happens to be flammable, so once you burn all of that fiber off, the rubber will be filled with that gas. The flaming tennis ball will last as long as the rubber will burn, and once it burns through, all of the gas will ignite in a "whoosh" Have fun
bumpus (author)  Carmelite9 years ago
Not all tennis balls do, Only one company makes tennis balls like you described, and they only have two versions with that difference. Some tennis balls are actually completely solid... And burning tennis balls smell nasty..
Flumpkins9 years ago
I was thinking of something like actually usefull. Maybe like cut one in half and glue it to your wall where the doorknob would hit if you slam it open. but that would just use 1/2. I don't know.
jonrb9 years ago
woo hoo a nuke buddy!
make a bed mattress out of them
Plasmana9 years ago
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