What Should I Make Next?

Alright I have ideas but I have no clue which I want to do. So I'm simply going to ask you guys. Which of these should I make? By the way check out my TDS Instructable I updated it with a simple slide mechanism. Compact Assault Rifle Like an AK-74u or an XM8C. Basically I want to try to make a small gun that has some good strength. (an exact gun you want me to do would be helpful) Power Weapon/ Sniper I dunno this is something I really wanted to make for a long time after getting some more pieces. I've had I don't know at least 4 or 5 failed attempts before I don't like what I'm making. I have yet to make a weapon simply dedicated to power. Another Side Arm My TDS is great and all but it could have been a lot better. Basically I'll try something new and see what I get. Crossbow I suck at these...and that's why I want to try it out. It's another thing that I think a knexpert should have along side a side arm and sniper. What I would plan out then is a repeater so it has a magazine. Siege Weapon Something else I was curious about. A catapult or maybe a scorpion although it would probably just end up being an even smaller version of I_a_C's cannon. I'm not to enthusiastic about this one. Other Gun Replicas I guess I could try to make other replicas of bigger weapons but unlike the compact assault rifles they'll most likely be more for looks than function. Any Combination of the Above? I don't know maybe a cross bow pistol the handle loads sounds kind of cool although it would sure be a challenge. Or if you have other ideas tell me. Those were what I could think up at the moment and would be willing to do.

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EATLEAD977 years ago
make a full auto crank gun. that would be awesome. kind of like a little machine gun lol
Extreme builder did that about 3 years ago.
ill have to check it out than i quess lol
vog8 years ago
Katarukito9 years ago
make something powerful
ironman699 years ago
HA I suck at shotgun's
DJ Radio9 years ago
he already made one
no. he made an mp5k
dont worry i'll make an mp5 for you :-)
whooooooo! here, make sure it has a magazine from the bottem plz
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